Cara memakai sepasang bulu mata palsu

Hanson Han

Dihantar pada November 10 2017

1.Curl your upper eyelashes with eyelash curler; use fine tip tweezers to remove the false eyelashes with your own eye shape, and trim the extra length from the end. Use both hands to curve the band outward to adjust the eyelash curvature.

3.Carefully apply glue to the band with only a little but a few time repeatedly. Wait 5 seconds when the stickiness becomes strongest to apply lashes.

4.Please note to apply false lashes to eye liner.

5.When applying, fix the middle part first, then fix the end part , last is the head part. Adjust the eyelash to make it circumnutated well.

6.After application, use eyeliner/liquid eyeliner to fill in the eyeliner’s blank.

7.Lastly, apply mascara gently to make the false and natural lashes together.

DIY Process of cluster eyelash for designed style:

Style B:Sexy charm-Natural

Eyelash for usage: 0.07mm thickness; 10 hairs per bundle

8 pcs 12mm; 10pcs 10mm; 8pcs 8mm

Products: Tweezers, Glass Plate, Glue, Air blower, lash primer


1.Pick lashes: clip the whole bottom, slightly upward-lifting.

2.Application: clip the lash on the middle position, dip little glue, if the glue is too much, rub off the excess glue on glad pad.

3.The position to which the eyelash is applied: 0.5-1mm far from the bottom of natural lash.

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