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Hanson Han

Dihantar pada November 21 2017

The summer products are coming soon! And for this, we want all a beautiful and natural face without being too much makeup. For the eyes, eyelash extension is the best way to have a natural and sublime look for the summer. Yeah, it is the opportunity to be beautiful while remaining natural.

You have a lot of choices for eyelash extensions, you can choose the extension that you need and seek advice from a professional to help you!

Today we are going to talk about the eyelash extensions, more specifically about 3D eyelash extension (or the Russian Volume technique). This method have revolutionized the eyelash extension industry! The 3D eyelash extensions offer a beautiful and natural look with very fine eyelashes and you have a refined look without mascara!

Isn’t it the best feeling to wake up in the morning and not to make up? We agree!

3D eyelash extensions, what is it ?

Those are bouquets of pre-made eyelashes, with a college ball at the end of these this method allow to apply more than one extension at a time to the same natural eyelash, without amazing it or causing it to fall prematurely. 3D eyelash extension is very effective to fill the holes between the natural lashes and to offer more volume to the people with more lightening eyelashes.

You will have beautiful eyelashes, this is very efficient and time-saving!

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