Mengapa gam lanjutan mudah rosak?

Hanson Han

Dihantar pada Mei 18 2018

Many girls sometimes will complain why my glue spoils faster than others with the same glue, The problems such as glue solidify in the bottle, the durability after grafting suddenly deteriorated one week after opening or taking out a drop of glue and quickly deteriorating. The reason has a lot, most of them are the bottle cap is not tightened, the glue left in the mouth is not wiped clean, improper collection of glue use environment is not suitable etc. 、

The right way of dispensing

  • First of all, you need to shake the glue around right and left about 60 times before each use to promote normal mixing of ingredients. Then, take the bottle drips a drop of glue vertically on the glue table instead of squeezing the bottle against the glue

  • Another one reason of spoiled is the mouth of glue hits the air cause the bottle is squeezed out of the glue table. The right way to do this step is taking out the air in the bottle and tightly tighten bottle mouth and bottle cap. What is more, the inner glue should be wiped clean and the cap tightly tightened. At last, put the glue in a sealed bag with desiccant to save it again.

  • When using glue, following the principle as below will guarantee not be spoiled. Drop 1-2 drops each time especially in summer, change glue using every 5-10 minutes for a glue because, after 10 minutes, the glue will produce drawing so that will take place curing phenomenon. Therefore, in order to ensure the longevity of the eyelashes, it is necessary to change glue using every 5-10 minutes.
  • The way of dipping glue is also important, using Rectangular glass glue tray is a good choice. Please pay attention to that hot or cold glue station will promote the deterioration of glue, therefore, do not dribble new glue on the used glue, tap and kitchen cling film.
  • The suitable environment for the extension. The ideal room temperature for eyelash grafting is 25 to 28°C. And the ideal room humidity for eyelash grafting is about 55% (allowed range 40% to 70%). If the humidity exceeds 70%, the speed at which the glue hardens will slow down and durability and strength are weaker than usual. Therefore, avoid operating at high humidity.on the contrary, if the humidity is too low, harden the required moisture. According to the characteristics of the glue, it deteriorates little by little every day. The fresher the glue, the better the firmness. It is necessary to master the correct storage and use of glue.

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